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Politics and Economics

Politics and Economics

Prove how the role social institutions, such as politcs and economics, have played in shaping and framing a culture by facilitating social resistance movements.


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Hanging Indent

Opposing Viewpoints in Context

U. S. History in Context

Subscription Databases

Olathe Student Databases

Ebsco is a powerful database that is provided to all public schools and libraries in Kansas. Powerful does not mean easy or intuitive, these databases expect a certain amount of effort on the part of the user to access the best possible information.

To use the products go to the Library Databases and select Ebsco. *If you are off campus you will be prompted to login with your school username and password.

How to use Ebsco:

 EBSCOhost Research Databases - Select all databases and then type in your search terms. Once you have a list of articles you will want to select Full Text on the left side of the screen in order to filter out articles that are only abstracts.