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Training Video

Agenda (~45-60 minutes):

  1. An introduction to, its history, voice and mission within the digital world of education
  2. The "free” content available for teachers, librarians, and students including Learning Guides, Writing Lab, Flashcards, Best of the Web Resources, Handouts, Career Tests, College 101, and Financial Literacy
  3. The “paid” resources offered and purchased by Olathe Northwest for College Readiness Test Prep, Common Core Resources, and Online Courses
  4. How to create your Shmoop profile and link to the Olathe Northwest License
  5. Navigation through ACT, SAT, and AP test prep courses
  6. How to manage student data and Create a Classroom
  7. Incorporating Shmoop Points (“Shmoints”) as school-wide or classroom initiative 
  8. Video Library
  9. Administrative and Teacher Usage reports
  10. Questions and Answers